Irons & Irons Settles Personal Injury Case on Behalf of Injured Pilot for $850k

There is a common misconception that when an accident victim settles out of court, they won’t receive a fair settlement. However, Irons and Irons, P. A. strives to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients both inside and outside of the courtroom. Learn how Attorney Harry H. Albritton, Jr. secured a successful settlement on behalf of a truck accident victim recently.

Irons & Irons Settles Personal Injury Claim for $850K

Brenda Wilmot, a commercial airline pilot for Southwest Airlines, was in Charlotte in October 2018. While stopped in traffic, a truck driver driving for C.A.V.E. Systems, a now-defunct technology organization, rear-ended Wilmot’s vehicle at a speed of approximately 20 miles per hour. While Wilmot didn’t immediately seek medical treatment, the following day, she was experiencing serious pain in her head, neck, back, and right arm and hand.

Ongoing Treatment for Chronic Injuries

For two months, Wilmot was under the care of a chiropractor, but due to ongoing back pain, dizziness, and blurred vision, she sought treatment from a neurologist. The doctor diagnosed her with a concussion, and around this time, Wilmot began experiencing seizures.

Unable to Work

While Wilmot had been a commercial airline pilot for Southwest Airlines, she had been unable to work due to stomach problems. However, her problems were resolved while she was being treated for the injuries sustained during the wreck. Wilmot contended she would have returned to work had it not been for the conditions she was experiencing due to the accident. Dr. Gary Weiss, a neurologist, and Dr. Maria Vasquez, a gastrologist, were consulted about her injuries.


Prior to a civil case advancing to court, both the plaintiff and defendant must sit down for mediation. Harry Albritton represented Wilmot during mediation in December 2020, and a settlement was reached two weeks later in the amount of $850,000.

The Benefits of Settling Out of Court

Wilmot v. C.A.V.E. Systems, LLC is just one successful case settled out of court. While we will always litigate when it is in the best interest in our clients to do so, settling out of court can lead to a more advantageous outcome.

Predictable Outcome

In a civil case, the outcome is determined by the jury, both whether the defendant was at fault as well as the amount the case is worth. When a case is settled out of court, the plaintiff will be awarded damages.

Settlements Are Quick

Litigating a civil case is a lengthy experience, taking months or even years to reach a conclusion. When an injury victim is unable to work and is suffering from chronic pain, waiting for such an extended period is not optimal. Instead, a settlement can be reached quickly and paid out in a short period of time, which may be beneficial to the plaintiff.

Reduced Stress

Having a case go to court can be stressful for victims. The length of time trials take as mentioned above can be difficult, and often, testifying can bring back the trauma of the injury. While we always prepare our clients for court, it can still be challenging. Settling out of court can be a relief.

Whether a case is settled out of court or is litigated in front of a jury, we do everything we can to secure favorable outcomes for our clients. We never back down from litigation if that’s what it takes to see justice for an injury victim.

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