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  • "Irons and Irons was the best choice of representation for me to handle my case. Mr. Gib Irons, Mr. Will Reaves and their team were compassionate, knowledgeable, thorough and down-to-earth. They maintained effective and efficient communication with me throughout the process regardless if it was through emails, phone calls or office visits. They were fair and looked out for what was in my best interest, listening and hearing my wishes and helping me to balance the two for the best possible outcome. I give Irons and Irons my highest recommendation."

    Cher Basnight - Google Business

  • "Irons & Irons, P.A. is the most proficient law firm I have ever used in the past 30 years. They kept me informed of everything that was going on in my case. I will probably never need another law firm other than Irons & Irons, P.A. I appreciate all the hard work they put into my case, even though it was not an easy one. I am very grateful for all the hard work they did contacting all the different agencies and sorting through all the documentation. We now have a satisfied mind knowing our loved one is in our care now. I will recommend Irons & Irons, P.A. to anyone in need of help."

    Daniel Asby

  • "From the first phone call to the final settlement, Gib Irons and his ENTIRE team of legal experts guided, advised,, negotiated and delivered the best possible outcome for me. ALL of my legal goals were accomplished in a professional manner with a fair result. His team was approachable and always willing to answer any questions and address any concerns or suggestions I had. I HIGHLY recommend Mr. Irons and his legal team for any Family Law issues you may have. One phone call CAN make a difference!"

    Allen Ayscue -Google Business

  • "Gib Irons walked me through a very difficult season in my life. He constantly showed compassion all while maintaining professionalism and keeping me focused on the final outcome. Gib was the 'voice of reason' when I needed it most. No one wants to go through divorce, but if you must...I encourage you to contact Gib Irons!"

    Diane Alberts -Facebook

  • "Irons & Irons was very helpful during my divorce. In fact, I used them again recently to make revisions to my separation agreement. If you need a law firm who addresses your best interests, knows the legal system, & advises you accordingly; then let them represent you. Everything on both occasions was done and prepared in a timely manner with professionalism unprecedented. I highly recommend them for your family law needs."

    David Jernigan -Google Business

  • "I hired Gib Irons and Will Reeves for my collaborative separation and it was the best decision I made. The entire staff is supportive and professional. Throughout the entire process Gib and Will were helpful, supportive and compassionate always placing my children's best interest first and looking out for me as well. If you are looking for a team that will be there and be honest with your options go with Irons & Irons."

    Amber Santos -Google Business

  • "Gib Irons and his staff are exceptional. I felt like I was his only client and knew what to expect. It was a stressful case for me personally but it was mitigated by their proactive and strategically organized method of resolution. I would highly recommend him and his staff."

    Karalee Coughlin -Google Business

  • "I highly recommend Gib Irons and his team! They handled my collaborative separation with great attention to detail, but most importantly, with genuine caring and compassion. I’m very glad I made that initial decision to choose Irons & Irons….thank you!!!

    Dave -Google Business

  • "Gib Irons was very easy to work with in figuring out the best way to handle my case. He is always professional, honest, and friendly, and easily accessible to his clients. Everyone at the office was warm and welcoming and happy to help with any questions. Gib will help you get a settlement that is fair and work with you step by step through the process. He explains everything in advance, giving you all the options and will help guide you on how to best handle your case, keeping your financial concerns in mind."

    Shannon Brunk -Google Business

  • "There really are no words to express how amazingly grateful I am for Irons & Irons, P.A. Ben and Gib both worked on behalf of my daughter and we simply would have never survived this ordeal without their guidance and counsel. There entire office was eagerly responsive to our needs, and always made me feel like my case was the only one they had going on. The Irons' listened to my concerns and kept me on track while calming me during my weakest hours. Gib was like a tiger in his defense of my child during her hearing and helped prepare her for her presentation. Ben's knowledge and counsel went far beyond my expectations; he is truly an amazing gentleman and terrific lawyer. Thank you for everything and you gave me my peace back."

    Robin Conrad Lane

  • "Very responsive and attentive to the needs of the client, Gib and all of his staff have been very pleasant to work with. Supported me throughout the process and worked hard to get me a fair settlement."

    Gary H. -Google Business

  • "Gib and his staff was extremely compassionate and attentive during a very difficult time. I appreciate how intently they listened to me, and offered sound advice to work thru a very smooth divorce process."

    Jared Plummer -Google Business

  • "To put it simply, Irons and Irons changed my life. They have a sincere passion for helping those who find themselves needing legal help. The staff is caring and friendly and they all go out of their way to see that their clients are taken care of. Ben and Gib Irons are wonderful and intelligent attorneys. And their office staff are just as great. I hope to keep those at Irons and Irons in my life, because I will never forget how they impacted me. Thank you again!"

    Austin Lane

  • "Gib Irons has been such a pleasure to work with! I came to him after firing my old attorney. He was very welcoming and accommodating. He and his staff respond very quickly and are always able to get back to me. Communication is the key to success and they have this down. They get the job done in a very effective and timely manor. Thank you! "

    Katie M. -Google Business

  • “I was fortunate to have Gib Irons recommended to me for my divorce. He and his entire staff were very warm and considerate. It was seamless process and I am grateful for the ease of what can be a very trying and difficult time.”

    Kristy Surles

  • "I wanted to take the opportunity to thank Irons & Irons, P.A.for the excellent services they have provided me during my divorce. Through all our communications, I was treated with respect and dignity. Our mission has been accomplished! I cannot thank Irons & Irons, P.A. enough for their help throughout this period. Everyone was always courteous and helpful. It has been a pleasure to work with Irons & Irons, P.A. I will highly recommend them to my friends."


  • "Irons & Irons, P.A. was extremely helpful and easy to work with regarding my separation. I have never needed a lawyer for anything before and Mr. Gib Irons and his staff were very accommodating and answered all of my questions. Mr. Gib Irons is very personable and made the process as easy and simple as possible. I am very satisfied with Irons & Irons, P.A. and would absolutely recommend their services to others."


  • "Irons & Irons, P.A. provided me with a great deal of assistance in moving forward with my divorce. They stayed in constant contact with me throughout the process, as well as sending me electronic and paper copies of all documents pertaining to my divorce. Any time I called with a question, they always gave me a thorough answer and helped me understand everything. Getting a divorce is a painful process, but they did their best to make it as painless as possible. Irons & Irons, P.A. was amazing in how they handled everything and they will always be my first choice for legal issues."


  • "I am so thankful to have been referred to Irons & Irons for help with my marital separation and divorce. From the very first phone call, I found the entire staff to be prompt, courteous, and sensitive to the needs of my case. Gib Irons exhibited a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding the issues in my case, which helped me to feel comfortable and confident throughout the process. He was extremely responsive, supportive, and informative at all times. He and his staff showed great dedication to achieving the desired outcomes in my case, with a steadfast willingness to go the extra mile when needed in order to get results. I am immensely appreciative of their commitment to helping me and my family through a very difficult time in our lives."


  • "Gib Irons was recommended to me by a friend as an excellent lawyer. My friend was right. I was going through a difficult time in separating from my husband and wanting to do what was best for my two small children. Mr. Irons was able to put me at ease in discussing my situation and options. He was confident and very knowledgeable. He worked diligently to attain the outcome that I was seeking. I am very happy with the way in which my case was handled."


  • "Ben G. Irons II helped me after I was denied unemployment from my previous employer. He was very thorough and precise in his execution of the facts at the hearing. As a result, I was awarded unemployment and was able to pick up the pieces and move on with my life to a better and more rewarding job."


  • My experience having Gib Irons as my attorney was expensive at the time, but turned out well and proved that with attorneys you get what you pay for. In my particular situation, I had a lot to lose and although I ended up having to pay alimony for a two year period, the attorney representing my former spouse wanted me to continue alimony payments for a three year period. Through mediation, Mr. Irons was able to negotiate a settlement that allowed me to maintain my entire military pension. In addition, I was able to keep my home and vehicles as well. Mr. Irons represented me very well and the money spent was well worth the services rendered.


  • "I chose Gib to represent me in my custodial battle because I saw that he was willing to fight for what was best for my child. I had been to see numerous attorney's and had not seen the fight that Gib showed me the first time we sat down together. I have to be honest, I asked a lot from Gib and instead of promising me the world he told me what he thought was honestly achievable in my situation. We had to go to court more than once and as nerve racking as going to court is, Gib was able to walk me through the entire process with ease. In the end Gib got exactly what I was looking for, I think he even surprised himself. I am thankful to Gib and his staff for working so hard to protect my family. I would recommend Gib to anyone who needed help."


  • "Attentive, personable and a great listener. Worked aggressively to ensure I was provided the best service possible during my child custody case. As a Military member it is often difficult to receive primary custody during your active duty years. Mr. Irons worked to ensure I would receive the best possible outcome, and I did. I highly recommend his services for anyone with a child custody or family court matter."

    Joseph -Google Business

  • When I first visited Mr. Irons I didn't know what road I needed to take regarding my daughter and custody. He was very helpful in guiding me towards the correct decisions. I appreciate everything that him and his staff did for us.

    Amber Ham -Google Business-

  • "Going through a divorce can be a painful experience, not to mention intimidating when you have to go in front of a judge to get everything finalized. If you are not prepared when you go to court, you get to start over. I am so glad I decided to have Irons and Irons handle my divorce. They explained everything I would need to do, what each step involved and made me feel at ease with the whole process. I never had to step in front of a judge - they handled everything. Divorce is never easy, but they made the process less stressful on me and for that I am grateful."


  • "The law firm of Irons and Irons, P.A. has been so great with helping me get everything in order for my separation process. They were able to get things done in a timely manner and were always there to answer any questions that I had. They also were able to take care of everything for me and file all the necessary paper work in order to get this process started. As of now everything is filed and in order for my divorce to take place in the next few months. I will have Irons and Irons, P.A. represent me in that process as well.
    Thank you for all your hard work."


  • "I needed someone to represent me in my divorce and I feel like they did a really good job on my behalf. I would recommend them to anyone who would need a lawyer."

    Eric Messer -Google Business-

  • " Divorce under any circumstances is a most devastating and heart wrenching experience to say the very least for all parties involved. My marriage had been over for quite some time, I just did not know exactly what to do about it. On the morning when I felt at my absolute lowest point and in desperate need for help, I called the law office of Irons and Irons, just by chance, hoping to find someone who would be able and willing to offer advice and guide me in the right direction. Moments after I had explained my situation to the paralegal who answered, Gib Irons was on the phone. I went to his office that same day by 1:00 pm. I went in sobbing, not knowing what to do. I left with a bit of peace regarding my situation, a direction that we would travel with an end goal in mind and total trust in a man whom I had just met.

    Throughout the process of legal separation and divorce the entire staff at Irons & Irons could not have been more personable and caring. The emotional burden of the situation was lifted from me, which made the process less painless. Gib Irons took my case to trial and won. He without a doubt has exceptional trial skills. The high level of personal attention that I received throughout the process was like no other - Irons & Irons feels more like family to me than my family law firm."

    Delane Bryant -Google Business-

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