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Collaborative family law allows people to avoid many of the difficulties of traditional divorce. In a collaborative divorce, both spouses commit to working to negotiate an agreement without going to court. Collaborative family law is a type of alternative dispute resolution.

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collaborative family law attorney greenville ncThe approach to collaborative divorce is straight forward.  Each spouse retains a lawyer trained in collaborative law, and the couple and their lawyers sign an agreement stating they will not go to court.   If they cannot negotiate a settlement and must litigate, the lawyers have to resign and the couple hires new lawyers to continue the divorce proceedings within a court of law. All four parties are motivated to seek a fast and fair resolution because the lawyers have no financial incentive to drag the process out; indeed, it is in their interest to encourage their clients to work together. The secrecy and posturing fostered by an adversarial approach are replaced by cooperation and candor. And collaborative law differs from mediation because both spouses have lawyers to advise them on their best interests and make sure they are not railroaded by the other side.

Because it collaborative divorce is typically much faster than a traditional divorce, the legal costs are lower.

All of the Relevant Decisions can be Worked out Through the Process of a Collaborative Divorce Including:

By working out differences through the collaborative family law process, people can enjoy the benefits over tradition divorce.

Benefits Over Traditional Divorce Include:

  • Cost savings
  • Time savings
  • Diminished likelihood of conflict
  • Retaining decision-making power (as opposed to traditional divorce where a judge has the ultimate say)
  • Developing a paradigm of jointly resolving issues (this can be extremely beneficial for families)

Attorney Gib Irons is an active member of the Collaborative Divorce Association of Eastern Carolina and has a proven track history of helping couples separate in a collaborative format.  Please read client testimonials for Irons & Irons to learn more.

For couples who are unable to reach an agreement via the collaborative law process, a traditional divorce is still available as an option. A person would simply have to retain different counsel for that proceeding.

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At Irons & Irons P.A., we understand the benefits which are available to people who are able to take advantage of the collaborative divorce process. We are committed to helping people obtain the divorce agreement they deserve while avoiding the potential challenges of a traditional divorce. We are skilled negotiators and we will help you fight for the future you need. Collaborative divorce is a powerful solution for helping people move forward with less stress and conflict. Let us help you get the divorce you want while we help you avoid unnecessary difficulties.

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