Emergency Orders in Greenville, NC

Addressing an Immediate Family Law Situation

For people who are facing dire family law situations that require immediate attention, an emergency order can offer hope and the possibility of securing a positive solution. Unlike other family law proceedings which operate on a much longer timescale, emergency orders or ex parte orders allow a person to address an immediate need. These orders are generally reserved for situations where time is of the essence such as a child being in imminent danger. Ex parte orders and emergency orders are often used to resolve child custody issues in such pressing situations.

Ex Parte Orders and Emergency Orders

There is a difference between an ex parte order and an emergency order. Securing an ex parteorder involves appearing before a judge and explaining the need for the court’s immediate intervention. The other party is not notified of the hearing. If the judge agrees that the child is in imminent danger he or she can grant custody to the petitioning party and a review hearing will be conducted within 10 days from the entry of the ex parte order.

An emergency order is secured by scheduling an immediate hearing with both parties being present to determine if an emergency exists and how to remedy the situation and prevent the children from harm.

Having skilled guidance as you attempt to secure emergency custody is one of the best steps you can take toward ensuring that you are successful in your petition.

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At Irons & Irons, P.A., our law firm is able to move quickly when clients need our assistance in a matter that is of the utmost urgency. We understand how to construct strong cases for securing an ex parte order or an emergency order to help our clients secure child custody rights when there is an imminent threat to a child’s safety. Our skill can help you effectively navigate the process and achieve your child custody goals. Attorney Gib Irons is committed to providing the exceptional and timely representation people need at such difficult times.

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